Services & Products

MOSS is a professional cleaning and sanitation solutions company that utilizes only Eco-safe & green-clean certified products to deodorize, detoxify and decontaminate. We operate throughout the Western Slope of Colorado.

We provide a variety of services including odor removal, mold & mildew remediation as well as infectious disease and biohazard containment. We also provide cleanup services for crime scenes, unattended deaths, suicides and homicides. Our company harnesses the power of oxidation to neutralize the source of your problem.

All services we offer utilize at least one of the treatments described below. For severely infected or contaminated spaces, such as those impacted by COVID-19, we adhere to a three-step treatment process, certified by the National Ozone Association.

  1. Ozone Generators:

We utilize oxidation in two different ways, the first being gaseous ozone. Ozone (O3) is naturally occurring in our stratosphere and is highly reactive. It is created by dioxygen (O2) molecules and UV light emitted from the sun. When that light is absorbed by dioxygen, O2 splits into individual oxygen atoms otherwise known atomic oxygen (O). Those atomic oxygens bond with other dioxygen molecules to create ozone. Ozone is unstable and wants to revert back to O2 ,its stable form. As O3 molecules continue to absorb UV light one oxygen atom dissociates and bonds with other atomic oxygens to create O2. This is known as the ozone-oxygen cycle and is how our atmosphere protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When we run our ozone generators the O3 we produce also turns into dioxygen and atomic oxygen. That single oxygen atom is the essential workhorse of our company. The atomic oxygen bonds to whatever volatile organic compounds are contaminating your space and destroys them. This is not a masking agent. Ozone also works as a natural sanitizer. It kills most bacteria, pathogens and viruses, including E-coli and MRSA, and leaves treated areas hygienically clean.

  1. Decon Five:

Decon Five® utilizes aqueous oxidation. This product is a two-part formulation with an incredible shelf life that is activated by a 50/50 combination of the two primary components. Decon Five® is essentially an “activated hydrogen peroxide”. Its spray treatments cover a broad spectrum of decontamination applications. For instance, a foaming application traps and kills microscopic mold spores as well as the discernable mold. We know that disturbing mold releases the spores into the air, but foaming the Decon Five® onto surfaces allows for a longer treatment that inhibits spores from spreading to other surfaces. A liquid application, using a ULV fogger or sprayer, can penetrate the small pores of surfaces such as concrete, wood or drywall to treat volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in addition to mold. VOC’s include pet urine, bodily fluids or fowl smells like smoke & cigarettes as well as food & pet odors.

MOSS is the certified dealer for Decon Five in Colorado. If your business is interested in purchasing this product please contact or (479)466-4453.

  1. Probiotics:

Probiotics are living and beneficial (“good”) bacteria that have important health benefits for both humans and animals. Conventional cleaning methods commonly use irritating chemicals that leave a residue in your home or business. Further, they don’t physically remove all the contamination at the microscopic level where dirt and unwanted ‘germs’ hide. Most importantly, conventional cleaners don’t penetrate the biofilm layers formed by colonies of bacteria to protect themselves. Biofilm layers are where bacteria thrive, and they need to be removed for optimal cleaning and to protect your health. To achieve this, we utilize a probiotic cleaner called PureBiotics®. Two innovative aspects of PureBiotics® make this product effective at cleansing a space. First, it acts like millions of tiny workers removing the contaminants and dirt at the microscopic level that you normally can never reach. These contaminants are simply converted to mass and CO2, the same particles that you exhale. Next, these beneficial little workers remain active after each cleaning, continuing to breakdown the biofilm and prevent colonization of pathogens and other harmful germs. All PureBiotics® products are harmless to health, environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. When using, protective clothing is not required and contact with bare skin has no negative effects.